Ignite Your Life for Women


This book is a collection of stories from amazing people striving to live their purpose and share their passion

Every story is designed to have readers up moving, doing and creating change immediately.

This book includes action steps, written by each author – of the tangible things they did to reclaim their lives and skyrocket their success. It motivates the reader to take action and accomplish long-cherished dreams.



Stories are how we connect. They unite one another across generations and cultures, and they have the power to inspire and transform. Ignite Your Life for Women is a collection of real-life stories that do just that.

They will expand your mind while touching your heart. As you read them your spirit will ignite and your soul will soar. Thirty-five exceptional women have united to create a book designed to light your spark through connection. Each story holds a life-lesson, an awareness and an IGNITE moment that influenced the trajectory of the story teller’s life profoundly.

Through their Power Quotes, Conscious Intentions, Heartfelt stories and valuable Action Steps, they IGNITE YOU to follow your dreams, go after your goals and live your best life possible!

4 reviews for Ignite Your Life for Women

  1. Alicia Ann Wade

    From the moment I saw the title,
    From the moment I opened the book,
    From the moment I read the first chapter I knew this book would ignite the fire within me to continue on my journey.

    To hear these stories,
    To know I too have hit those low points,
    To see I am not alone,
    To feel my emotions too.

    This book is powerful to leave feelings to keep striving for success and to continue on my journey too.

    The stories, the rawness of each person, the truth.
    It has totally inspired me,
    Motivated me,
    Moved me,
    To continue on my journey.

    I encourage any person on journey to read this and ignite the passion and drive they are wanting. It is inspiring and I am going to complete the projects I need to complete.

    Thanks for continuing to remind to always reflect on my IGNITE moment. It is an amazing gift and I thank all the wonderful authors in this book.

    • Jenni

      Thank you Alicia. I am so delighted that you enjoyed the Book.

  2. CJ Ruiz

    “ Ignite Your Life for Women” was an outstanding read. I was deeply moved by the stories shared, and loved that these women are courageous enough to create life on their terms.
    For any woman who hasn’t yet begun pursuing her dreams, I can assure you that this book will inspire you to take massive action and start living life the way you’ve always dreamed of.

    • Jenni

      Thank you CJ. I am so pleased you found the book moving and inspiring. This was our intention.

  3. Bethany

    This book has reawakened a drive which I thought I had lost. The inspiring true stories, written by strong women, leave you excited and confident to start your next journey.

    I found a connection with something from each chapter, and appreciated how open and raw the authors were.

    With plenty of notes to take away (I wrote down a lot!), I look forward to re-Igniting my professional and personal life.

    Thank you for your words.

  4. Beth Dovey

    I am feeling motivated, inspired and ready to ignite the fire within me after reading the beautiful book ‘Ïgnite your life for Women’. Reading this book has come at a perfect time
    where I need encouragement and belief in myself to take my life to the next level, and that is definitely what it has done.

    I love how each author has the opportunity to give clear steps for us to take. Jenni’s Walkes’ emphasis on thoughts and choice gives fantastic guidance for how I can take accountability for my own life.

    Thank you for such an amazing, inspirational book to help me to ignite my life!

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