Empire Builders Business Owners Entrepreneurs Mastermind

An immersive business mastermind for business owners, empire builders, side-hustlers, and entrepreneurs to level up their business and create the future of their dreams. 

at what you do!

Creating a business that works for you is why you started a business, right?  

You love what you do, you want to create an impact.

You have put your heart and soul into building a business, but now…

You are wondering how to take it to the next level? 

This was me SIX years ago…

I was exactly like you! 

Nobody had shared the manual on how to make my business successful, and so, after I jumped, I learned how to build the plane on the way down!

6-years later, I have a six-figure business that is growing every year and I get to do what I love!

Whether you are at the start of your journey, the middle or looking to pivot, it’s not too late to: 

Elevate. Build Momentum. Transform.

This immersive program will help:
build your business, develop your authority, create your offers, increase your sales, regain time, and create the foundations for future success.


Step away from the daily distractions, and take time to work on you and your business, share ideas, get clear on your priorities,

and leave with clarity, focus and a plan to grow your business.


What is involved?

3 days to change your business, grow your impact, stay focused, develop new ideas, and allow you to solve your biggest roadblocks, using proven frameworks. 

What you get when you join the Empire Builders Mastermind...

Immersive Business Mastermind

Create your business plan using our simple framework, and start focusing on key projects to level up your business – tailored to YOUR business, and based on where you are at NOW.    

One-on-One personal strategy meeting

An initial 90-minute strategy meeting with me, Jenni Walke, so I can understand your business, your goals and make sure you start the program prepared.  It’s what we call our Clarity session.

Develop your offers

In the workshop, we will review/develop your products & service offerings to ensure they are aligned with your business and customer needs, priced to sell, and are supported by a clear sales funnel.. 

Accountability Calls to Keep you on Track

3 x Accountability calls and Q&A sessions where you can ask whatever you need to keep your business growing and projects moving. 

Mini Photo Shoot

Every Empire Builder will get exclusive access to the awe-inspiring photos captured by the fabulous Kirra Smith Photography during the workshop AND also score a mini 1:1 session with Kirra herself.

Join the Immersive Mastermind for only $5,000 (ex GST)

July 2024 (Venue TBC)

Step away from the daily distractions of working in your business, and take time to work on your business, share ideas, get clear on your business and personal priorities, and leave with focus and a clear plan for your business.

The Empire Builders Mastermind includes…


Our resident Digital Marketing & Branding Expert, Kylie Mowbray-Allen, from Hello Media, declares
“branding isn’t just what you say—it’s what you DO!”

Sign up for our next Empire Builders and you’ll gain access to a Marketing Masterclass
with the incredible Kylie Mowbray-Allen (VALUED at $2,000).

*Well almost! Flights and personal items such as laptop, clothes and toiletries are excluded. Airport transfers are included from nearest Airport if needed!

What people say about Empire Builders

JOIN now to…

Be part of something amazing

We believe it is important to step away from your business in order to help it grow. 

Designed to shift your mindset and immerse you into the program, the face to face elements are held in luxury accommodation in South East Queensland.  All you need to do is bring your suitcase, laptop, and be ready to change your world.

This program is tailored for you. 

Our workshops are delivered by INDUSTRY EXPERTS in leadership, teams, strategy, social media, finance, business culture, and business operations.  So whatever you need help with, we will do our best to provide. 

This program provides a balance between learning and doing, with a big focus on the doing! We want you to leave each session feeling like you have accomplished the things you have been putting off. From creating your brand, to defining your culture and developing systems that work for you.

​There is something amazing that happens when you join a mastermind program. It provides you with clarity about your business goals and helps create the foundations for long term success.

Build your confidence, shift your mindset and become part of a community that will be there long after the mastermind is finished.  ​

Why choose this program?

There are alot of masterminds, retreat, and accelerator programs out there. So why choose this one?


The program has been developed and led by Business Advisors who have been where you are. Our advisors, coaches and mentors are all business owners and are ready to share what worked for them and help develop strategies that work for you.

This is not a cookie-cutter program.


This program has been developed with you in mind. What we mean by that, is each workshop is tailored to the needs of the group. Whether you are new to business or have been around a while, the workshop will provide you with value and advice that suits your needs. 

We break it down for you and do the work during the workshops.  


We know you probably started your business so you would have greater control over what you did and more time to spend with your family (supported by financial success).  We also know, that if you are reading this, you are probably spending more time working in the business, on email and less quality time with your family and friends.

This program connects you with other business owners and entrepreneurs all wanting to learn.


Joining a program like ours is not just about business;  it’s about connecting with and learning from other business owners just like you and creating opportunities. So at our 3-day immersive mastermind, we make sure you have fun AND do the work!

This program is a combination of live online training (or the replays) that can be accessed from anywhere in the world AND live in-person coaching workshops (subject to availability).

We are here for the long term.

When you join our program, it is for the long term.  On completion of the 1-month program, you are invited to continued to join our Monthly Accountability calls and remain active in our closed Facebook Group so you can grow your tribe, remain connected to your new peer group of like-minded business people.

Investing in your business will help you grow, get out of overwhelm, and focus on what is important.

How much do you spend on getting your brand right; your marketing; technology; or the perfect office chair? But, when was the last time you INVESTED IN YOU

This program provides you with strategies to improve your business while providing you with mindset and productivity hacks to improve the way you work and run your business. 

Want to find out
if this program is for you?

Click the button below to book a free 30-minute Appointment with Purpose. 

Our chat will allow us to connect, explore some of the challenges you are having in your business, discuss some strategies and solutions and decide if the Ultimate Authority Coaching Program is the best program to help you kick some serious goals.

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