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Our vision is provide high-touch deeply human coaching programs that help our clients change the world.​

We believe in what we do. 

Our programs are designed to get the best out of our clients, help them develop and grow sustainable businesses, and we couldn’t do that without our incredible team.

Maecy Gonzaga

Social Media & Operations

Maecy is the backbone of Elephant in the Room Consulting.  

Maecy graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree, majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Management with a desire to pursue one of her greatest dreams, to travel!   

In December 2020, Maecy joined our Team. Starting as a VA to support Jenni, Maecy quickly showed her skill and determination, becoming the business’s Social Media & Operations coordinator. 

Maecy provides social media and operations support to the whole Team.  From creating simple systems to managing social media posts, to developing high quality video and image content, updating our online platforms, managing our SEO, there is nothing Maecy cannot do!

The time before EITR...

At the age of 18, Maecy worked in the United States of America, living and traveling there , before returning to explore her own beautiful country.  Prior to joinig the EITR Team (and COVID-19), Maecy was a Restaurant Manager, working in the Philippines

When the pandemic happened in 2020, Maecy recognised she needed to find something different; a work-from-home scheme where she can stay at home and earn at the same time.  Maecy enrolled in an academy for Virtual Assistants, with no idea what to expect, just an open mind and willingness to learn. After completing the course Maecy met Jenni Walke, and joined Elephant in the Room Consulting.

Maecy is self-motivated, trustworthy, kind and professional.  When Maecy joined the EITR team, we immeditely knew she would be an incredible part of our Team. 

Maecy a proud Filipina lives in the Philippines and is the eldest child, with 2 siblings (1 younger brother, and 1 younger sister).  Maecy is jolly and friendly and loves to eat different cuisines and of course, she can’t wait until she can travel again. 

Maecy is..

Loyal. Dedicated. Skilled.

Andy & Brenden Black

Events & Business Operations

Andy & Brenden remind me why I am in business.

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