Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Our goal is to have Elephant in the Room Consulting recognised as a leading Business Advisory, or Management Consulting company; one that is admired for customer care, innovation, technical and consulting skills.

The Quality Management Policy of Elephant in the Room Consulting is focused primarily on our customers. We aim for complete and comprehensive fulfillment of our projects, meeting the expectations and needs of our customers and other stakeholders, such as partners, personnel, suppliers and the wider community, by reviewing and continual improving the quality and process of our services and supporting products. Elephant in the Room Consulting aims for the following:

●  Maintain high quality of services delivered to our clients as well as continuous improvement of all aspects of these services in order to maximise the effectiveness of our clients and improve the effectiveness of their business.

●  We aim to keep up to date with our customer requirements through market research and their fulfilment by delivering products and services of desired quality to them.

●  In order to maintain a focus on meeting client expectations, we recognise and acknowledge our employees are an essential part to of our business operations. We actively support the continuous improvement of qualifications, skills and professionalism of our team identifying appropriate training initiatives and workshops to build their creativity, innovation and experience.

●  Our aim as a company is to build value centred businesses that deliver impact to their clients and the broader community. In order to maintain the quality of our delivery, we continually improve our processes, systems, products and services to meet the changing landscape, and community expectations. We are committed to meeting, or exceeding, the national and international standards of our industry.

●  We believe in building partnerships and abundance. We work hard to establish long term relationships with suppliers and partners based on mutual trust, in order to increase collaboration, the effectiveness of delivery, and abundance for our community.

Elephant in the Room Consulting’s best practice consultancy service involves meeting with key stakeholders in the project and conducting a current and future state assessment, and a review of the existing business processes and systems. This consultancy work is designed to:

●  assist us and our clients understand the current gaps in their business processes,

●  identify innovative solutions to improve effectiveness, and

●  develop a strategy to support the implementation and delivery of the agreed outcomes.

To support the delivery of our projects, we complete a formal project management and risk management process, engaging with our clients, stakeholders and peers. A formal communications plan, outlining our methodology and regularity of client communication, is followed to achieve success.

Elephant in the Room Consulting harnesses the knowledge of internal subject matter expertise and engages with industry peers to review and validate our approach to deliver the desired outcomes on time and on budget.

Our quality goals provide the roadmap we use to establish the key metrics that ensure these objectives are achieved. Our quality goals are to:

1. Retain clients’ trust and maximise customer satisfaction.

2. The continuous and purposeful introduction of improvements in our processes to support the long term success of our and our clients’ businesses.

3. Generate revenue growth through the increase in quality and effectiveness of our team.

4. Improve the qualifications of our personnel through needs-focused training.

5. Secure and maintain a safe and healthy work environment, developing of the activities without inflicting any damage to individuals and the society as a whole, protection of the environment.

Elephant in the Room Consulting will constantly review and improve its services to ensure that company processes are managed in the most effective and efficient way for the benefit of all our clients.

We are all committed to operating under the quality management system and its implementation, conducting official reviews and confirming the adequacy of this Policy at least once per year, in order to express our continued commitment to it.

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