Making changes in your life is liberating. Having the courage to start a business feels empowering. Creating something that gives you purpose and passion is amazing. They could also be described as Scary. Daunting. Overwhelming. Crazy.

The last few weeks, I have been out of sorts.


Getting up to walk my dog today, I realised as I have been working to balance family, clients, moving to a new house and working on the business, I have stopped checking in with myself.  I have let my schedule go. I have been focused on the doing; the things I need to do, rather than on being.  The result:  I am weary; feeling swallowed.  I need to reset.


Why am I sharing this?


Rather than listening to a podcast on my walk this morning, I decided to listen to two short meditations. In creating this headspace, I realised that what is need is a recalibration. A resetting of goals, schedule, family; and this only comes from internal reflection.

I am finding more and more, that current generations spend so much time listening to, reading, consuming information from role models; people from whom we draw inspiration, strength. We like and follow them, so we can gain our daily fix. From life coaches and entrepreneurs to social media influencers and industry leaders (whichever industry you are in).


The potential problem with this, however, is that everything that is posted is ‘sunshine and roses’.  We rarely see posts from these role models that say “I am a having a bad day”; so we get caught up in the need to project perfection and balance and ignore or deflect how we may actually be feeling. We show the world that everything is awesome, when inside, it may feel like you are breathing underwater.


While daily inspirations certainly help, today I am stepping back to review and retune my priorities. For me, this starts with getting back to a routine that supports my hectic life.


Walk the dog.

Read and/or listen to a podcast.

Journal. Every morning.


These things keep me grounded, focused and calibrated. They help me find my way back to balance and resurface so I can breathe easily.


How do you recalibrate?

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