Social Media: Free Marketing for Your Business

In today’s world, let us admit that every business needs a social media presence. 

Whether you have a small business or a big company, social media is everywhere…and it is a trend that’s not going away! Social media is a key resource for your business and should be an essential element of your marketing strategy. 

Of course, social media is not enough to make the business grow. But it is a platform that can help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales. 

The great thing about social media, for startups and hobbyists looking to grow into a business, is that social media is free. It is amazingly easy to create an account, and within a few minutes, you can begin to build your market presence.  

Social media enables you to boost your business’ visibility in the market and provides the opportunity to connect with your clients in the places they hang out, an expanding your audience beyond your immediate network.  

Your goal with social media is not to connect with everyone…it’s to connect to your ideal client and audience. So, to get engagement from your audience, create content that is relevant to them, not everyone 

With almost every business on social media, customers are beginning to see through bulk promotions and click-bait. So, focus your content on your audience’s needs, wants, desires and challenges. 

Your content should build trust and engagement, showcase your brand, and demonstrate that you can provide support for your clients.  Think of your content as a way to start a conversation and build followers.  


Here are my three tips to creating social media content and build engagement. 


  • Know what you are trying to share and give your content a focus. 

Are you educating? Inspiring? Promoting? Or Edutaining your audience? When your content has a focus, it allows you to speak to your audience and answer a question or problem for them. Start by asking, “what does your audience need?”


  • Give them somewhere to go.

Use your content to take your audience on a journey. Your goal with each piece of content is to show them the next step. Include a call to action in each post.  


  • Be Authentic.

Make sure what you are sharing reflects who you are, and what you offer. Use your language, showcase your brand and your personality.   



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