Starting A Business

There are no guarantees in life. And so, when making big decisions, like saying yes to a proposal, starting a new job, or starting a business, you need to take a big leap of faith…and be prepared for anything (including failing!)

For those considering this step, you are probably already on the edge of your comfort zone, full of questions and what-ifs. If you are like I used to be, you have a list of the pros and cons, and you are weighing up the risks involved…

So, why start a business?

For me, it was because I couldn’t find a job that I loved, and that fit me. When I left my last role as a Sales Director, I was a little lost, unsure of where I wanted to go. When I began to uncover what I truly loved to do – not just good at – business was the only logical option.

Starting a company takes courage, or the ability to just let go, and surrender!

When I took the leap, it was like I had found my home. I had no idea how I was going to make it work, I just knew that it would. And five years later we are thriving and have grown exponentially since starting with $43 in my bank account.

Rather than having courage, I had faith and confidence that it would happen.

Here are my tips you may want to consider when starting a new business or pivoting an existing one.

· This is your business! Your business, your rules.

What made starting a business work for me, was deciding from the first day, that this was my business, and that meant I could set my own rules for how I wanted to work, what I wanted to charge, the customers I would work with and impact we would create. Five years on, these decisions (now made with my team) focus mostly on the impact we want to create.

· Offer a product or service that fits your vision and your rules!

There are so many ways you can deliver your product or service, the only thing that stops us is fear! Remember it is up to you to decide what your business will produce, sell, or offer! So, when deciding what you want to sell, build it with your own ideas and decide to be unique, remarkable.

Look to others for inspiration, but rather than copying those who came before you, seek to develop a concept or idea that nobody else ever has.

Choose to be innovative and creative

· Think about what you are trying to achieve…and then commit to it.

When setting your goals for your future business, decide what you are trying to achieve – not just the money you will make!

Consider and imagine the impact you will have, the people you will serve, and the way the business will run, in addition to your revenue goals, and then, develop your plan around achieving these outcomes.

Gain clarity about your end goal and build the path that you will follow now! Before you start. Knowing the path you need to follow, will enable you to find your way back when you start meandering away from you goals.

Starting a business can bring daily challenges and opportunities. Like a job, creating a successful business takes work and dedication, but you gain the added bonus of being in control of your own future…and that is empowering

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