To collaborate or not to collaborate? That is the question.

Cooperation, alliance, collaboration.

No matter what term you like to use, working together with another individual or business offers a world of opportunity.  Over the last few years, I have joined forces with some incredible people to create new offerings, prepare tender responses, create a weekly podcast, develop new initiatives and new businesses.

Unlike cooperation or teamwork, collabs go further than just being a team with each person ‘doing their part’.  Collaborations are about individuals contributing their expertise, perspective, and ideas in support of a shared goal, project, or objective. 

What are the benefits of collaborations?

Collaborations provide businesses of any size a great opportunity to:

• expand your network.

Through collaborations, you and your business are exposed to new connections, increasing your reach and access to potential clients.

• build new skills.

Collaborations provide the opportunity to learn new skills (and leverage the skills of your collaborator), as you watch, share and connect with others in pursuit of your project. 

• solves problems (there is power in numbers!),

As you begin to explore ideas, tackle new (and old) problems, and find roadblocks, collaborations provide new opportunities to share and bounce ideas, and brainstorm expanding the potential solutions that can be found and providing new ways to solve old problems.

• be inspired and boost your motivation, 

Being in business can be lonely. New collaborations can be exciting and provide opportunities to share new wins, and losses. Find inspiration and see the world through the eyes of someone else – on the same journey as you. Even if you are a solopreneur and love flying solo, collaborations can help you fly higher and feel more aligned about your journey. 

AND can help 

• grow your business!

Collaboration can help you ship products to market faster, increase your sales, and attract (and win) bigger contracts.  Providing access to scale and process efficiencies are one of the best benefits of collaborations.

An organization that makes collaboration a big part of its culture is bound to normalize this style of working, thereby creating a more efficient (and more appealing) workplace.

So, are collaborations for you?

Collaborations can provide you new opportunities, open your business to new markets, provide a place to share a new offering and there are so many other reasons and benefits for collaborating. 

Before you jump into a new collaboration, here are three things to consider:

  1. Are your Values and the Values of your collab-partner aligned? 
    Successful collaborations are based on strong relationships, built on trust and value. 

  2. Do you have time to start a new collab?
    Remember a collaboration is like starting a new business and so takes time and effort.

  3. What are you hoping to achieve with the collaboration?
    Be clear on what you the outcomes of the collaboration will be – for both parties. You don’t have to have the same goals, but be sure to share your expectations BEFORE you start!

Creating alignment in your business

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