Sometimes you just need to put on roller skates

When we think of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (and yes, I think of her often), her sparkly red shoes come to mind. These shoes, gifted by Glinda the Good Witch, provided Dorothy with strength and courage, and through her journey, she developed resilience, empathy, and intuition.

Reluctant to take on the challenge of travelling to the Emerald City, Dorothy recognises that when in a strange and unusual place, sometimes you need to just put on the red shoes and go where they take you. Through the building of trust and connection with others, sharing her vision, and being open, Dorothy fosters a team from a group of strangers, and is able to achieve insurmountable or impossible goals.

The lesson L. Frank Baum offers in this iconic story (which, incidentally, is one of 14 novels in the Oz series) is one of leadership, personal growth and the power of embracing uncertainty.
As leaders, business owners, we have an idea of where we want to go, a plan for the future of our business, our team and ourselves.  For many, this plan is fixed and they are unwavering in their passion to achieve it. For others, the plan is fluid, and their business model provides the flexibility to pivot to meet the demands of their market, or explore and establish new markets. Neither option is right, nor wrong.

When asked by my clients or colleagues, what is the best business model for my business, my response to their dismay, is often an ambiguous, ‘It depends?’ How you structure your business and the plan you make will entirely depend on:

  • where you want to go;
  • how fast you want to get there;
  • what you are able (and sometimes willing) to do to get there, and
  • who you have along for the ride.

These are questions every business owner should ask, every time their do a business review or check in.

Those who know me know I am a process bunny, and value structure and a plan to help get from A to B, however, sometimes you need to strap on your skates and just go – somewhere, anywhere in order to create your own momentum; sometimes you need a push.


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