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Creating workplaces that nurture and support individuals to thrive is what every leader wants. Right?

Yet, so often workplaces are filled with toxic and unsupportive behaviours, that take people and leaders away from their mission.

In many cases, these environments are created unconsciously, with individuals not aware of their negative strategies that lead to poor behaviours and communication.

On Tuesday 20 October, we are excited to be hosting the launch of “The Fear Free Workplace”, the first book from Leanne Hardinge.

The Fear Free Workplace is a book about identifying and managing “fear-based thinking” in the workplace that could be holding you or your team back.

Using the behaviour of the unique Frilled-Neck Lizard as an analogy, this hilarious yet serious booklet gives you the tools to identify and manage “Frilly Behaviour” in yourself and others and examines what happens when a Toxic Frilly is roaming your workplace spreading misery and dissent.

Leanne’s career has had one key focus – working with people to understand their strengths and build teams that maximise their potential. From positions such as Director, Family & Children’s Services for the YMCA in Darwin to General Manager of a disability service at Lutheran Community Care in South-East Queensland, she’s used her passion for strength-based organisational change to achieve groundbreaking outcomes.

Leanne recently led the redesign, implementation, and integration of multiple rural and remote allied and mental health rural & remote outreach services across more than 34 per cent of Queensland.

Leanne also adds surviving being blown-up, hit by a car and falling from a three-story building, plus lizard taming to her list of random skills.

Leanne Hardinge is a coach, mentor, leader and now Author and we are excited to have her with us on 20 October to not only launch The Fear Free Workplace but to share her insights on leadership, culture and building collaborative workplaces.

We hope you can join us for this exciting event.

The important details:

Event Date: Tuesday 20 October, 2020
Event Time: 5:45 PM to 8:00 PM
Venue: Avestix Lab, Brisbane

5:45 pm Doors Open
6:00 pm Welcome and introductions 
6:30 pm Leanne Hardinge will present 
7:15 pm Q&A and networking

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This event will be a game-changer so make sure you are in the room!

As always, there will be food and wine to enjoy as you have the opportunity to pick the brains of our experts.

Event Details:

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