Just do it….

No, I am not talking about Nike; but they definitely got something right. Nike has inspired the everyday person to get up, get out and for many, to get fit. Their simple, yet direct purpose statement has led to change in the way we think and feel about exercise.

For many years, I worked in an organisation that I loved; with clients that inspired me every day. Whose own missions and purpose drove me to do the very best I could for them; to be the best version of myself; and to bring it every day. I was in awe of many clients and organisations at their spirit, drive, determination…and then I realised, I wanted to be them! I wanted to live my purpose and inspire others. So, in July this year, I took the greatest leap someone with a secure job could do…I jumped! I just did it!

Over the past three months, I have worked with mentors, colleagues and ex-clients to develop who I am, and to clarify what my purpose is. What I have come to realise, is that while I was serving others to live their purpose and achieve their goals; I was in fact living my own. And so, Elephant in the Room Consulting (EITR) was born, and I became a mother at the ripe age of 43. EITR is the culmination of my 20 years’ experience in the military, project management, operations planning, human resources, organisational development and sales. It is my purpose.

Last week, I had the amazing privilege of attending a VIP Mastermind in Barcelona with Lisa Nichols (and the amazing Susie Carter).  Attending as a support volunteer, I hoped to gain some insight and value from listening to and joining in the conversations. What I did not expect was to be completely rocked.

Thinking my insights would come only from Lisa, I was blown away by the wisdom, purpose and passion of every member of the Mastermind. Regardless of where they were in their business journey, each person had made the leap – had just done it – and decided to live their purpose. Connecting with friends that I had met only over Skype, Messenger or Zoom; over five days I learnt about myself and my business. Most importantly, I learnt that I need to share my passion and genius with others. To help them clarify their purpose, understand their values and mission and to create synergy that extends beyond borders, industries and demographics.

Following this event and the opportunity to learn from Lisa and Susie, I am now on a renewed mission to serve and create synergy; to develop others to understand their purpose and define their vision. Here are some insights I learnt during this amazing event, which I hope will help others “Just Do It”.

1.Move the needle

Not everything is about revolutionary change, sometimes it’s just about moving the needle. Draw a line in the sand or take a measure of where the dial is now, and focus on small changes to the needle; take steps to move the needle forward. However, don’t focus on the new position or number, this can lead to stagnation. Instead, focus on continuous change.

2. A muscle in action stays in action

Sometimes, you need to just take the leap and stop thinking! Most people will spend their lives considering their options, planning, strategizing about what may happen, but never actually take the leap of faith and do! All the time you are thinking about business does not mean you are moving in the business forward. Think alone does not lead to growth.  Think AND apply leads to success. Don’t simply stop at thinking– take small consistent steps.

3. Don’t be scared to go in the wrong direction.

Inaction is often the result of spending too much time worrying about what may go wrong; what may happen if I fail? However, failure only occurs when you don’t try.  Going in the wrong direction is still moving forward! It allows you to know your boundaries, to test your purpose and mission. When you get it wrong – it will teach you what not to do in the future.

4. Build your business on cement not sinking sand

Your business operations are the foundations of a successful business. Your systems, SOP, processes are HOW you live your purpose. They will define the culture, and establishes what it is like to do business with you.  When building your business, your brand, be sure to build your operations to support your brand.  From how you work with your vendors, to how you create the end to end experience for your customer.

I was fortunate to be able to attend a Mastermind with Lisa Nichols, Susie Carter and ten other business owners looking to make their mark in the world. Now, I am looking forward to working with people who want to define their purpose and live in their genius.

If this is you, consider creating your own Mastermind group, or join me to share insights, learn and grow together at our monthly Mastermind groups. Or, if you are ready to learn how to build your business operations to support your brand, and to understand how to create a business that others will want to be part of, join me from 30 Nov to 2 Dec in Noosa at the “Have your cake and sell it too” implementation retreat. with Jason Cunningham.

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