Want to create your future…get some new habits

Last year I joined the #5AMCLUB after listening to a Robin Sharma podcast. I loved the idea of setting the intention for the day with movement, learning and journalling…these are things that are now staples in my life.


As Elephant in the Room Consulting has been birthed, the HABIT and ROUTINE created by the simple act of waking with the sun, and starting my day before most of the world awakes has been invaluable. With clients in different time zones, it has enabled me to be present and productive on calls at 5AM, sometimes 4AM and has given me extra time to work on my business, and myself.


Change does not come with the status quo. Doing what you did yesterday and hoping for a new result will only lead to disappointment and will not bring you closer to your dreams. Creating the future you want requires you to disrupt your normal, get messy and go deep and develop new habits to support a new reality. It might seem hard, but it is not complex, you just need to do the work and ask yourself…

what do I really want, and what am I willing to do to get it?


Moving from the IDEA OF GREATNESS to LIVING IN YOUR GREATNESS is in fact easier than you think. Here are three tips, actions for executing on your dreams in 2018.


  • start with the end in mind.

Know what you are trying to achieve, define your end goal and develop clarity.

Take a moment, close your eyes and imagine your perfect day – from start to finish. What are you doing then, that you are not doing now? What does work look like? What does your life and family look like? What are you feeling that you are not feeling now?

These will help you see what your END GOAL is.


  • get clear on your priorities.

Once you know what you are trying to achieve, consider

·     what is the burning issue?

·     what is important to success? what is working well; what is not?  what is the one thing do we need to address first? Try this exercise to help you identify what you need to Stop Start Continue.

Then take time to consider:

·     how will we achieve it?

·     what resources do we need?


  • develop your execution mindset

Separate your stories of the past, from your future. Look at everything that you create, and do as opportunities to learn. Where others see problem & risk, see, challenge and growth

Discard your brules. Those bulls%”t rules, the beliefs & ‘rules’ that you have adopted from others; the rules that have been imposed on you, but no longer fit your VALUES.


there is no right or wrong way to be


Abandon any idea or notion of the ‘ideal’ version. Spend time WONDERING what you can do, rather than being trapped in THOUGHT.


change your state to transform your business and life


  • habit and routine

 For those truly wanting to LIVE THE DREAM and be the best version of themselves, , find a routine that works for you and gives you back precious time to learn, grow and be of value and service to others.

What are you doing to create the future of your dreams?


Elephant in the Room Consulting works with leaders and organisations to diagnose the cause of the challenges that are impacting business performance and help you uncover your elephant in the room. From business consulting to culture re-alignment, we can help you create your future. Email me at [email protected] to arrange a time for a coffee and to learn more.


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