As a new entrepreneur (a word that I am still unsure about) I have been grappling with the idea of scale over the past few weeks. Elephant in the Room Consulting was born out of a realization that after years of doing things I was good at, I was not necessarily happy; and that my passion was helping others live theirs.


Helping individuals and organisations clarify their goals, their purpose and to realise their potential, my work is delivered mostly one to one, or through one to many workshops and is my labour of love.

 So how do I scale and build longevity with my services, which are essentially tailored to each client, based on where they are in their business and what their goals are?


How do I create a big impact with a small footprint?


When I speak to people about scaling, the first suggestion is to create an online product, to which my initial reaction has generally been, Urgh! Really! Do I have to?

It wasn’t until I listened to an old podcast from Gary Vaynerchuk, that reminded me that what people are after is VALUE, in any form.  In this episode Gary is being interviewed about personal brand, traditional print & knowing when to give & take and he comments that if you are a writer, write and post everywhere. Essentially, what people want is the information, for most people, it doesn’t matter where they get it from.

What I took from this podcast, which has essentially rewired my thinking, is:


HOW people access your value doesn’t matter as much as the VALUE YOU GIVE THEM


and in a split second brought me into the 21st century! Developing a suite of online products does not have to be ‘selling out’ (as I used to see it) as long as what you are offering meets the needs of your audience and has value.


So, what value do you offer and how might you find new ways to share it?


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