Time to be loud

I started this business two and a half years ago to serve others untangle the mess that is business; to help others gain clarity about their purpose, share their message with their customers, and develop good structures and systems to grow their businesses. I have been doing this quietly with clients in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Stuttgart Germany, Edmonton Canada, and New York.
Those who know me in person, know, I am not quiet ? yet, on platforms like this, I am and got me thinking why?
I am a strong-willed, Bundjalung woman, with an amazing role model in my mother. She has achieved amazing heights, including being the first indigenous nursing offer in the RAAF in the 1960s, being awarded a Public Service Medal over 20 years ago, and advocating to change the way we approach and manage domestic violence in our communities.  She has done this with grace, elegance, determination. Shown immense grit, courage, and fortitude, but she has done this quietly. 
The reflection I have had this past weekend is how much our actions and behaviours are connected to how others act and the subconscious beliefs that are generated by this. I didn’t realise until the weekend that my role model of how I work comes from my mother: being focused, diligent, dedicated, and quiet.
I work with owners and entrepreneurs across the globe to help their business grow and stand out. Yet, I haven’t done this for mine.
I am moving in a whole new direction for Elephant in the Room in 2020, and success will come when I share this journey and the opportunity to join me with others, often and LOUDLY!  The time for quiet is over… not in an arrogant way, but in a way that recognises my purpose is to share wisdom and help others grow in business and in life.  I have been doing this since I launched the business in 2017.
The lesson I have learned? It is important to be openly proud of the past, the present and the future – be it in business or life – and to share this “loudly”.

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