Opportunity doesn’t always come with a bow

Early on in my business, I attend a Mastermind with Lisa Nichols…
My business was only three months old, so I wasn’t doing the mastermind. I was given the opportunity to attend by a client, who was organising the event for Lisa.
In exchange for being able to attend, I was there to support, crew, and cook. I prepared meals, ensured Lisa had what she needed (via her amazing COO), and kept time.
I was the lackey!
I was also responsible for taking notes for those that were attending. This meant, listening to everything Lisa said and preparing notes for the attendees.
What a gift this was!!
Where others in the mastermind focused on what Lisa was saying to them, I was focused on everything she was saying to everyone! Talk about information overload!!
On the first day, I wrote notes by hand; this was around 6 hours of content, I then wrote up in a PPT deck. On day two, skipped the handwriting… the result was a large PPT deck with insights. Lots of insights.
It was watching Lisa in her genius, sharing insights, cutting through people’s stories to uncover their fears and blocks that I realised I was living my purpose. Not to be the admin at a mastermind, rather, to run the mastermind.
It wasn’t until this week, as I launch my first half-day workshop in January 2020 and begin preparing for Elephant in the Room’s business mastermind in March 2020, that I have fully appreciated this gift.
What I learned that weekend has underpinned much of what I am working towards. It has probably taken a little longer than anticipated..but boy has the path to here been great.
Have you ever received an unexpected gift?

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