What are you working for?

I coach people from all walks of life and industry and most come to me as they are feeling overwhelmed with managing the business, family and their life; they are wanting to find ways to engage with their clients more, or they are looking to build a business from their passion and while they are great technicians and their side hustle is bringing them a good income, they are unsure about ‘business’.

Why do you own your business or company? What are you working for?

These are generally the first two questions I ask a new client. You would think the answer would be easy? Invariably though, it is not.

The reason we get into business is not always the reason you stay in business.

I started my business because I was looking for a way to share my lessons and insights, and to help others to create a sustainable business that enables them to live on their own terms.  While the business is my source of income, its purpose was not “to make money”. I believed then, and still believe now, there are a lot easier ways to make money that own a business that serves clients.  (Buying and selling on e-bay or Alibaba come to mind!).

The reason these two questions are important, it because how you feel about your business,  how you represent your business, how you engage with your business and who you want to work with, will have a direct impact on your business the clients you serve and the success you have.

If you are unsure of the reason people should buy your service/product, the messaging will invariably reflect this; and vice versa.  When you have CLARITY around what you do, why you do it, and the impact you are having, it is easy to share this message. And when there is clarity in the message it will attract clients to you.

So, Why do you own your business or company? What are you working for?


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