Transform Your Business: The Empire Builders Mastermind & Retreat!

The desire to grow and change is a continuous process of adventure – especially if you are in business! 

If you’re looking for something different than regular workshops and online classes, to spark an idea, overcome that roadblock or pivot your business, maybe it’s time to consider a mastermind or a retreat?  A mastermind is like being invited to an exclusive party or restaurant where the focus is on you! 

Following an amazing three days, we are hosting an Empire Builders Mastermind and Retreat in November 2023.  Empire Builders is a space for people to come together to get sh$% done, work together, and grow.  

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this mastermind special and why it’s worth noticing. 


The Magic of the Mastermind 

Unlike quick meetings or short interactions, masterminds take participants on a three-day deep dive.  Picture this: you wake up in the morning, coffee in hand, and you’re with fellow business Empire Builders, talking about your ideas, challenging assumptions and creating a business that could change the world.  Just imagine the exciting things your business could become.  

What’s even more exciting is how much wisdom comes out of this deep experience. When you step away from your emails, the day-to-day business activities and even family commitments, you can really focus on your business and its possibilities. It’s a space where you can think about your business, talk with others, and come up with great ideas together. 



We often hear that connecting with others is really important to growing your business – and in a mastermind it’s 100% true.  At Empire Builders, collaboration goes to a whole new level. The group is small, about six to eight business owners, so you really get to know and trust each other. It’s a friendly, safe space where you can be honest and have challenging conversations that change your perspective and create opportunities. 

In this space, the magic of different ideas becomes really clear. Usually, we see our business in one way, but at Empire Builders you get to see it from other business owners’ points of view. People share their thoughts and experiences, which can give you amazing ideas to clarify, improve or pivot your business strategies. And what’s really great is that you’re free to shake up your plans and try new things – it’s not like regular coaching where you stick to a fixed plan. 


Stepping Out of Comfort Zones 

Growth doesn’t happen in the comfort zone.  

A dedicated brand-building session challenges participants to rethink their understanding of a brand – it’s not just a logo or color palette; it’s a comprehensive identity. You can start thinking outside the box and plan exciting things for your business. 

The great thing here is that every business owner becomes the builder of their own empire. These business owners don’t want to just follow what everyone else does – they want to something innovative and are looking to create their own way of doing things.  


At Empire Builders you get to design your own plan that fits your business perfectly.  This mastermind helps you design your business – whether you work alone or have a big company. Sometimes, big changes come from these talks, like totally changing your business plan after thinking about the structure and how you want to sell your product! 


Growth and Momentum 

As the mastermind comes to an end, participants don’t just walk away with a few new friends – they become part of a supportive group. The connections they make last even after the event is over, offering ongoing help, chances to work together, and shared experiences. 

This immersive experience shows that experience and time in business, nor how big your business is, shouldn’t stop you from joining in. It’s for everyone, whether you’ve just started, or you’re really experienced.  Everyone learns from each other’s stories and dreams. Remember “Growth doesn’t come from always doing what’s easy. It’s about going beyond comfort, facing challenges, and aiming for real change.” 


So, whether you’re just starting out or trying to make an older business exciting again, think about what diving into this experience could mean for you and your business.  


Empire Builders is like being taken on a journey, just outside what’s comfortable – and that might be the secret to finding new chances and making success that really lasts. This isn’t just another workshop; it’s a chance to change how you see your business while also empowering you to make the change.  

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