A Journey Towards Empowerment: Why it’s time for a Voice in Parliament

As a proud Bundjalung woman, business owner, step mum, daugther and partner, I can’t overstate the significance of the Voice for Parliament and why it is important that every person in Australia takes the time now to consider their position.  

The referendum in October 2023 has the power to unite or divide.  This is the case in any situation where we are asked to stake our place.  

For too long, the stories, struggles, and triumphs of First Nations people in Australia have been spoken for, but not spoken for by us. Our stories, symbols and cultures have been borrowed, commercialised, politicised and weaponised, used by individuals, governments and organisations alike, to position themselves as culturally aware, informed.

Policies have been created. Programs developed. And lives changed forever…all without the Voice of First Nations people being heard so the IMPACT of s called “good intention” can be seen and understood.

Now, imagine the landscape of a nation transformed when its oldest living culture gains a rightful place in decision-making?

The Voice for Parliament will provide a platform where Australian First Nations people can offer our perspectives on legislation that directly impacts us. This isn’t about symbolism; it’s about structural change that ensures our voice is not just heard but considered.

Our connection to the land and our holistic worldview are not just aspects of a rich cultural tapestry; they are seeds of wisdom that could offer fresh insights to solving today’s social and environmental challenges…if only the opportunity to share this knowledge existed.

While this initiative is inherently about Indigenous empowerment, it benefits all Australians. 

A nation’s true strength lies in the collective might of its diverse communities. Through the Voice, we’re contributing towards a shared vision for Australia, built on respect, understanding, and inclusive progress.

The Voice for Parliament offers a way to elevate the national narrative to include the lessons, challenges, and contributions of its First Peoples. This is not just an Indigenous issue; it’s an Australian issue. 

NOW is the time to stop and listen.
NOW is the time to learn about the change, the opportunity it brings, and the true impact it will have.
NOW is the time to listen, to question, and to understand.

Whether you vote YES or you vote NO – I urge you to let go of the politics and make your decision based on fact, not assumptions, and not fake news.


Image source: https://www.megaphone.org.au/efforts/yes23

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