We are all busy… Or so we say.

We are all busy… Or so we say.

But what do we really do with our time?
Time is the one equaliser. We all have the same amount of time. How we choose to use it is the difference.
When I first started my business, before I had my first client there was SO MUCH TIME! Then, as clients came on board, and I started to run events, book meetings, post on social media, arrange business trips and make time for family, OVERWHELM started.
It wasn’t that I didn’t have enough time, it was that I got caught up in the busyness of business and life that I forgot to breath! And when busyness sets in, it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel; to just stop in the moment.
What I found, is when busyness became my state of being – I spent every waking moment worrying about the busyness; and feeling overwhelmed with ‘all the tasks we need to do’!  When in reality, despite having lots to do, I had lots of TIME!
So I began scheduling… everything!. From client work to coffee or lunch with friends, to date nights; even travel time if I am driving down the coast to visit clients and colleagues. By scheduling my to dos, not only did it allow me to let go of the busyness in my head, I realised how much time I actually had! Lots actually.
In fact, through scheduling and organising my time (I use a modified Eisenhower matrix model) I was able to get more done, and have time to enjoy the moments. This habit has become a cornerstone of how I work and it is one of the first things I share with my clients. 

The past few weeks, things have been crazy amazing with events, workshops, meetings, calls and to prevent busyness becoming overwhelm I always return to my practice of scheduling. 

As I am adding new events and workshops, and being more present on social media, the time in between is becoming more and more precious.

So, over the past few weeks though, I have been noting in my calendar the things I am doing when I have ‘free time’ to see what I am doing each day.

What I have found is…

  • I love cups of tea and relaxing on the couch between 90 min bursts at my desk.
  • Most of my movement during the day happens in the breaks; and,
  • After being at my desk working, I need a brain break – so I either look for dogs on petrescue (for when we have a yard); do a little housework like hand the washing out, fold clothes etc, or play a game on my phone.

Tracking this ‘downtime’ has also shown me what is helping me focus, what is important and what isn’t. It has also shown me HOW MUCH TIME we really have!

So, no more saying so much to do, so little time!!


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