What does it mean to be a leader?

This question has been asked a thousand times by everyone from parents and students, to organisations and academic scholars across every culture, time and place.
A simple definition is someone who leads a group, a tribe or community. A leader has followers.
It is easy to call oneself a leader. Many people do.
Many people aspire to be a leader of their time. They desire to be seen and be known.
To BE a leader though is more than having the label.
Being a leader is not about title, position or power, or even about leading a shared vision and common purpose.
We all leaders. Whether it is in our paid job, our family, in a community organisation, working to spread the message of a cause we believe in.
Being a leader comes from choice, intention, and a desire to stand up and be heard. The actions of a leader are not determined by what we say, but the impact we have on others.
What impact do you want to have?

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