Do you like writing copy?

This past week has all been about creating compelling content. A favourite topic of mine!

Words and language are something I have always had a thing for. Words can build engagement, inspire action, and create emotion. Well constructed and thoughtful content has the power to move mountains, shape dreams, and create connections.

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Your website is not for you!

So often, websites are built as a vanity measure. Something to showcase the brilliance of the individual, rather than as an electronic business card and promotion of their business. Your website is not for you…

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How well do you know your own brand?

The underlying reason you are in business resonates in everything you do – from the language you use to the images your choose.

Your brand is an extension of your business.

It is more than just a great logo and tagline, it is how people connect with you and how you can connect with people. And, if you are in business, creating your brand is marketing 101.

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How well do you know your clients?

One of the biggest blocks in business, is not knowing who you are selling to.

Sure, you have a great product; it might be the best in the market; but if you do not know what market that is – you’re going to be in trouble!

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Empathy… what if you don’t have it?

Empathy commonly defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.  It is generally linked to the idea of ‘feeling with’ another person or being able to put yourself in their place and feeling those feelings.

What if you don’t have it?

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What are you working for?

I coach people from all walks of life and industry and most come to me as they are feeling overwhelmed with managing the business, family and their life; they are wanting to find ways to engage with their clients more, or they are looking to build a business from their passion and while they are great technicians and their side hustle is bringing them a good income, they are unsure about ‘business’.

Why do you own your business or company? What are you working for?

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The question most asked in the sessions I attend is how do I get more clients/revenue/profit – quickly!? For someone like me who loves working with businesses, I have a love-hate relationship with this question…

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